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It’s better when it’s local

Our poultry comes exclusively from the Vaud region. The company we work with guarantees free-range rearing.

It’s better when it’s local

For our lamb, we trust the Jaquier family in Prahins. Local lamb raised on the family farm.

It’s better when it’s local

Our pork comes from the region, more specifically from Vuiteboeuf.

It’s better when it’s local

Our beef is bred by the Vuillermet family in Montalchez. The heifers are raised outdoors, and are brought to the Creux-du-Van pastures from May to August.

It’s better when it’s local

Our rabbit meat comes exclusively from the Wälti family farm in Yverdon.

It’s better when it’s local

Our veal comes from a small farm in Mutrux, run by the Junod family. The veal is fed exclusively on cow's milk and complies with Gruyère PDO specifications.

Local and regional products

Our vision is to promote local trade in order to offer quality products while taking animal welfare into account.

Our homemade traditions

The Costa butcher's shop offers a wide choice of home-made products, made from local meats, such as pâtés en croûte, various terrines, foie gras, sausages, butcher's braids and brochettes, to name but a few.

Home delivery

Exceptional products with a wide selection, delivered straight to your door.
🛒 Ordered before noon: delivered the same evening.
🛒 Ordered in the afternoon: delivered the following evening.

Our products are fresh and delivered vacuum-packed to guarantee absolute compliance with hygiene regulations.

It's time to embrace Costa butchery!

Absolute priority to regional products. An artisanal range with 100% home-made products. Online ordering, in-store collection and home delivery.